Independent High Class Escort from Berlin

Independent Escort & Courtesan cooking a delicious meal in a vintage kitchen

Hey, I am Mila.

My positive nature is best described by pure joie de vivre, concentrated in my small, yet curvy body. So I always wear a charming smile on my lips.
I am a fundamentally open & extroverted character, which is said to have a strong feminine charisma. Humor I consider the spice of life, which is to be enjoyed especially with sarcastic or sometimes black aftertaste.
I am quick-witted without being cheeky, polite, but no less sincere and self-confident without being arrogant. The interpersonal is incredibly important to me, so you will find in me both a patient listener, as well as a passionate storyteller.
And last but not least you will meet both: My soft cuddly side, which is characterized by my unaffected warm-heartedness, as well as my temperamental, even hot-blooded, side...


Age Mid 20s (96 vintage)
Nationality German (with spanish-french roots)
Height 165 cm / 5'4'' feet
Figure 42/44 (GER) / 8 (US) / Curvy & Luscious
Bra Cup 44E (Natural)
Shoe Size 37.5 (DE) / 5 (GB) / 5.5 (US)
Hair Hazel / long, thick, naturally wavy
Eyes Green with golden-brown ring around the iris
Tattoos / Piercings No
Smoking Occassional (rare)
Languages German (Mother Tongue)
English (Fluent)
Independent Escort & Courtesan standing on a ladder
Independent Escort & Courtesan gives deep insights on the ledder

Get to know me better...

I'm a thoroughly unorthodox young lady who doesn't have much in common with her generation. And some days - I'll be completely honest with you - I feel like I was born in the wrong decade.
I am a creative & free spirit with an indomitable mind of my own, whose artistic & musical side is in ambivalence to her analytical and logic-loving side.
So it's not surprising that I chose an industry that combines these two aspects as my main occupation: IT with focus on online marketing & design, on a self-employed basis, of course.
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In my free time I also enjoy playing these instruments. I play the piano since I can remember and perform sporadically as a singer (pop to swing) for some time. I also enjoy painting & drawing - with brush or digitally and spending time in nature with my dog.

But no less I live out my love for burlesque, as well as the associated filigree of eroticism. I love to dance passionately and consider the active living out of my femininity to be fundamental. This love is also reflected in my activity as an escort and curvy courtesan.

What else I like



• Gourmet & Creative Kitchen
• Young German Regional Kitchen
• French Cuisine
• Fine Italian Kitchen
• Exotic (Peruvian, Ethiopian)
• Japanese & Sushi
• Surf n’Turf (Steak & Seafood)


• Water & Fresh Juice
• Champagne – Dom Perignon Rosé
• White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc
• Bourbon – Kirk & Sweenie
• Vodka Cocktails– Moscow Mule
• Sour Cocktails – Amaretto Sour
• Daiquiri & Summer Cocktails


• Varieté (No Animals/Cage Holding)
• Burlesque
• Musical & Opera
• Theatre
• Cabaret
• Arts (Expressionism)
• Lectures


• Jazz & Soul– Frank Sinatra
• Oldies & Doo-Wop – Platters
• Rock n’Roll – Elvis, Little Richard
• Techno – Gregor Tresher
• Dubstep – Skrillex
• (Tropical) House – Kygo, Taladego
• Pop / Rn’B / 90s-00s 


• Golden 20s & Heist-Movies
• Film Noir – Oldies & Neo Noir
• Horror Films – Psycho/Gore
• Thriller 
• Crime Docus & Profiling
• Comedies 
• Historical Films


• Social Criticism 
• Transhumanism (& Consequences)
• Psychology (Technical Literature)
• Humorous Fiction
• Religion / Atheism / Pantheism
• Politics & Economy
• Historical Crime Novels


• Cooking & Baking
• Piano, Singing & Music in general
• Travelling
• Logik Puzzles 
• Reading
• Handwork (e.g. sewing)


• Psychology & Sociology
• Philosophy
• Politics & Economy
• Economics & Business
• Society
• Alternative Views


• Biking
• Tennis
• Schwimmen
• Dancing (Burlesque, Swing)
• Hiking (primarily on vacation)
• Fitness

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